Abstract submission is not possible anymore.
Abstracts must contain a title (maximum 100 characters), and authors’ names and affiliations.
The body of the abstract should count less than 300 words and be organized with these headings:
1. Objective, 2. Participants and Methods, 3. Results, and 4. Conclusions.
Symposia should have a summary abstract of no more than 500 words, besides the separate, supporting abstracts.
All abstracts will be peer reviewed. The organizers reserve the right to accept or reject an abstract, to designate abstracts either as oral or poster presentations, and to choose a suitable session for the presentation. The author’s preference of oral or poster presentation and the selected category will be taken into account. Notice of acceptance will be emailed to you aroun 1th April 2017.
Accepted abstracts must be presented at the meeting by an author or their designated representative. Any authors who will attend the meeting must register for the meeting and pay the appropriate meeting registration fee.
Publication of Abstracts  
Accepted abstracts will be published online, in electronic format. No editorial changes will be made, so proofread carefully when submitting. Please note that your abstract will be published only after we have received your registration and payments accordingly.

You can submit three types of abstracts:

Poster sessions will be organized around selected themes. Each poster presenter will be provided with a panel onto which the poster can be mounted. The panel size will be provided later. All the materials needed for the mounting will be provided. The posters should have a title, and should state the authors and their affiliations. The authors are requested to stay with their posters during the session, at a later designated time. Please be prepared to distribute handouts of your poster.

Oral papers
Oral paper sessions will be organized around selected themes. Four to five individually submitted abstracts will be chosen for each paper session. Each abstract will be allotted 15-20 minutes for oral presentation and audience discussion. The exact schedule will be provided later. A moderator will rigorously adhere to these time limits to allow time for discussion.

Symposia are topical platform sessions that deal with specific issues in neuropsychology. These sessions are distinct from paper sessions in that a symposium is submitted as an integrated presentation after being pre-arranged by a single organizer who will act as chair of the proposed session. Symposia should consist of three to five closely linked and integrated abstracts, each ranging from 15-20 minutes. Symposia sessions are allotted approximately 1.5 hours and should include a review led by the symposium organizer or a discussant.  FESN strongly encourages creating symposia with a mix of international presenters.
The symposium chair is responsible for coordinating submission of the complete symposium proposal, for submitting the symposium summary abstract, and for making sure all supporting abstracts will also be submitted. The symposium summary abstract should include a short description of the session topic as well as the titles of all supporting abstracts and the names of the presenters.