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Wednesday 13 September 2017
09h00-10h30   Registration
10h30-11h00   Opening
11h00-11h30   Keynote lecture Edward de Haan
12h00-13h30   Lunch, poster session
13h30-15h00   Parallelsession 1
15h00-16h00   Parallelsession 2
16h00-16h30   Coffee break
16h30-17h30   Keynote lecture Vicki Anderson
17h30-19h00   Parallelsession 3
19h30-20h30   Welcome reception
Thursday 14 September 2017
08h30-10h00   Parallelsession 4
10h00-10h30   Coffee break
10h30-11h30   Parallelsession 5
11h30-12h30   Keynote lecture Lars Nyberg
12h30-14h00   Lunch, poster session
14h00-15h30   Parallelsession 6
15h30-16h30   Parallelsession 7
16h30-17h00   Coffee break
17h00-18h00   Keynote lecture Jean-Francois
18h00-19h00   Debate
20h00-23h00   Dinner
Friday 15 September 2017
08h30-10h00   Parallelsession 8
10h00-11h00   Parallel sessions 9
11h00-11h30   Coffee break
11h30-12h30   Cortex prize & lecture
12h30-14h00   Lunch, poster session
14h00-15h30   Parallel sessions 10
15h30-16h00   Closing
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Do mirror neurons contribute to social behavior?

Peter Hagoort and Christian Keysers
Chair: Sergio Della Sala

Peter Hagoort is director of the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics and founding director of the Donders Institute, Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging. He is also professor in cognitive neuroscience at the Radboud University Nijmegen.

Please find the page of professor Peter Hagoort here.

Christian Keysers leads the Social Brain Lab at the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience and is professor of social neuroscience at the University of Amsterdam.

Please find the page of professor Christian Keysers here.

Sergio Della Sala is professor in human cognitive neuroscience at the University of Edinburgh and editor of Cortex.

Please find the page of professor Sergio Della Sala here.


Speaker and poster instructions will be sent to participants shortly before start of FESN2017.

Regular oral presentations:
15 minutes (maximum, including discussion/questions and change-over speaker)

Poster instructions
Size of posters: maximum size is A0 (width about 0.90 m, height about 1.20 m) 
Total space provision: space for one poster sheet for each allocated poster presentation 
Direction: vertical (portrait) 
Format: The posters should have a title, and should state the authors and their affiliations. The authors are requested to stay with their posters during the session, at a later designated time. Please be prepared to distribute handouts of your poster.